Powerful Marketplace script for your Online Marketplace software

As behavior of the Next-Gen consumers is taking new shapes, we at ClonesCloud have drawn the idea of online marketplace platform over magnificent marketplace script.

Our innovative marketplace script lets you commence your own marketplace website serving multiple categories of marketplace types that includes:

  • Service Marketplace
  • Website Marketplace
  • Domain Marketplace
  • Task Marketplace
  • Freelance Marketplace
    Startup Trends

    Startup trends for Marketplace Platform like Thumbtack, Flippa, TaskRabbit, Freelancer

    Nowadays marketplaces are trending as they have the ability for rapid growth of businesses and economy.

    Marketplaces is an online associating platform for buyers and sellers to ease the process of offline communication and transaction and to cut that chase of painstakingly and irksome process.

    In any marketplace businesses there are various options to earn revenues that includes commission, membership fees, listing fees, ads and featured listings, etc that lets you realize the true potential of business.

    Because of such benefits of marketplaces, the graph and demand of various kinds of marketplace software like Thumbtack, Flippa, TaskRabbit, PickGeeks etc. is going up significantly.

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    Get the ball rolling with ready-to- launch Marketplace script

    To save your time, resources and from irksome development process, we at ClonesCloud have articulated the best turnkey platforms to empower you to serve proactive marketplace solutions through various types of marketplace scripts:

    1. Build2Flip - A Flippa Clone script

    Build2Flip is a feature-rich, powerful Website Marketplace script that authorizes you to quickly start with your own marketplace website for buying and selling of websites, mobile apps and domains, just similar to Flippa.

    2. Click2Done - A Thumbtack Clone script

    Click2Done is an affluent Local Service Marketplace script that lets you start your own Local Service Marketplace website allowing customers connect to local professionals, similar to Thumbtack.

    3. PintTask - A TaskRabbit Clone script

    PintTask is a customary Task Marketplace Script stacked with a cutting-edge features to enable you start with your own Task marketplace website for customers to connect freelance labors in their neigbhourhood, similar to TaskRabbit.

    4. PickGeeks - Freelance Clone script

    PickGeeks is a uniquely proposed Freelance Marketplace Script that lets you commence your own Global Crowdsourcing marketplace for connecting freelancers to the job providers, similar to Freelancer, Upwork, Elance, Peopleperhour, and many other.

    To become the best of businesses, all you need is to get started with our basic versions of Build2Flip, Click2Done, PintTask, PickGeeks.

    We have gone head-to-head with leading technologies to help you get the ball rolling for your own marketplace website in quick moment and without much ado.

    How to earn revenue using Marketplace Websites?

    With your marketplace website, you can instill varied forms of revenue models that includes:

    • Commission: When a product or service is sold, you will be able to earn some percentage of total sale or fixed fees as a service fees towards providing your platform
    • Membership Fees: You can also charge monthly or yearly membership fees from buyers or sellers or from both to avail premium services.
    • Listing Fees: Paid-listing is the another way to earn revenue from your marketplace platform when you don’t charge your buyers or sellers per transaction.
    • Ads and Featured Listings: For more revenue generation, you can also choose paid advertisements through Google Adwords.

    Custom support with Marketplace Script

    Fabricated with our own robust and flexible framework, this open source marketplace script is coded with open source technologies like PHP and MYSQL that makes script supremely flexible, scalable and robust making customization possible.

    This marketplace script php gives you the privilege to custom design the features that are required as per your online marketplace business.

    Multipurpose Online Marketplace Platform to several business verticals

    We, at ClonesCloud has built various perfect marketplace scripts and platforms for those who are into any marketplace business vertical.

    These various marketplace platforms lets you serve wide range of services in various marketplace business verticals that includes:

    • Service Marketplace
    • Website and Domain marketplace
    • Task Marketplace
    • Freelance Marketplace

    What support you will get with Marketplace script?

    Our marketplace script gives you powerful marketplace business goals besides offering you tenacious feature-rich platform. The additional benefits, you get with us include:

    • Multi-Domain License
    • SEO Friendly Script
    • Responsive Design
    • Complimentary Deployment
    • FREE Maintenance Support

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