Kickstarter Clone Script

What is FundForIdea ?

  • FundForIdea is a marvelous Crowdfunding Software built by ClonesCloud using all latest web technologies, which let you build your own Fundraising software similar to Kickstarter.
  • To start any business, the fund is the essential thing and there are many ways to get fund and fundraising is one of them. Fundraising has escalated as a new trend to raise funds for startups, any inventions or non-profit business.
  • To foster the lifeline of aspiring businesses, we at ClonesCloud have built the best crowdfunding script that fulfills all your crowdfunding goals.

How does FundForIdea Work ?

  • FundForIdea permits project creators to post unlimited projects, which the backers can explore by checking the inside details of the projects, ask the relevant questions to the project creators and back them as per their convenience.
  • Moreover the backers can follow the project creators to get the auto project recommendation from them when they post a new project on the website. Later they can also share the projects over social media platforms.
  • On the other part FundForIdea gives highly advanced panel to the admin for managing users, projects, reported projects, comments, categories, commissions, get statistics and much more.
  • Thence, our fundraising software lets you can kick-start your own fundraising business with sovereign crowdfunding website.

Features of Kickstarter Clone


  • Projects With Fixed Funding
  • Email Based Registration
  • Email and Dashboard Notifications
  • Paypal Standard Payment
  • Newsletters
  • Help Tool Tip
  • SEO Friendly URLs
  • Responsive Design
  • SQL Injection Proof Structure
  • Indexed Databases
  • 100% Source Code & Customizable
  • 1 Year Support and Updates
  • Complementary Deployment
  • Highly Managed Admin Panel
  • High end Admin Panel CMS
  • Commission Management
  • Project Management
  • Admin Approval for Project Listing
  • User Management
  • Project Category and Subcategory Management
  • Project Updates Management
  • View Backed Amount Details
  • Redeem Requests
  • Home Page Slider Management
  • Project Comments Management
  • Custom Admin Managed FAQs
  • Login with Facebook
  • User friendly dashboard
  • Post Unlimited Projects
  • Project Updates
  • Advance Finance
  • Wallet
  • Login with Facebook
  • User Friendly Dashboard
  • Wallet
  • Search Projects
  • Auto Project recommendation
  • Comment on Projects
  • Advance Finance
  • Advanced Filter Options
  • Favorite Projects
  • Back on Projects


All Features from basic package and additional features including...

  • Projects With Flexible Funding
  • Private Messaging Board
  • Easy Admin contact
  • Blog
  • Google Analytics
  • Maintenance Mode
  • Sitemap

All Features from basic package and additional features including...

  • Outlines and Statistics
  • Admin Side Notifications
  • Export Projects with CSV and XLS
  • Highlight Projects in "Projects We Love"
  • Reported Projects Management
  • Export Users with CSV and XLS
  • View User's Login History
  • Subadmin Management
  • View Conversation History
  • Export Backed Amount Details with CSV and XLS
  • Export Redeem Request Details with CSV and XLS
  • Abuse keyword Management

All Features from basic package and additional features including...

  • Login with Google Plus
  • Upload Project Video
  • Invite Collaborators
  • Project FAQs
  • Statistics Related to Backers

All Features from basic package and additional features including...

  • Login with Google Plus
  • Explore projects
  • Share Project on Social Media
  • Ask Question to Project Creator
  • Report Inappropriate Project to Admin
  • Follow Project Creators
  • Contact Project Creator
  • Statistics Related to Backers

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What Clients Says?

Kickstarter Clone Script built with powerful technologies

  • FundForIdea is a ready-made Crowdfunding php script that is built in our very own strapping framework of current technologies like PHP and MySql.
  • Being build in open-source languages, these technologies makes our crowdfunding script, highly robust and scalable to implement any customization.
  • Besides, the framework is divided into varied modules that are pre-tested for quality to guarantee you an error-free website.
  • Additionally, there are various other technologies like AjaX, HTML5 CSS, etc that fortify the script to let you offer high user-end experience.

Key-role players of any Kickstarter Clone platform

With any fundraising websites, there are basically 3 key role players that conducts communication and perform transactions over the website. Similarly, there are 3 key players with our Fundraising Software too:


Admin is the owner, who owes highly managed and user friendly panel with dashboard, through which he can manage users & sub-admins, manage projects, manage project categories, project updates and many more.

Project Creators

Project creators are those who can post unlimited projects for which they need the fund. They can upload the project video, invite collaborators, view statistics related to backers, manage wallet & project updates and many more.


Backers are the users, who pledge the fund to the project creators. They can explore the projects by searching them using advanced filter options and then back on their convenient projects.

AirBnB Clone

How Kickstarter Clone helps you get started with your Crowdfunding website?

  • FundForIdea is our feature-rich ready-to- launch Fundraising Software that matches all the essentials to get started with your own fundraising website swiftly.
  • We at ClonesCloud have exclusive Installation and complimentary Deployment facility for you, so that you can focus on your business only.
  • Consequently in case you want to expand it to a particular crowdfunding type like equity, donation based or any other crowdfunding types, this crowdfunding script gives you the fortune to customize it according to the stipulated industry niche.
  • There is a wide-range of peculiarities already attached with our Kickstarter Clone script that would lead your fundraising business to success.

Custom Kickstarter Clone Script

Kickstarter Clone Script built with
powerful technologies

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  • We believe every business aspires to stand out of the market with their exclusive services and become industry leader.
  • With Custom Kickstarter Clone, we walk an extra mile to give your Crowdfunding Business an extra edge.
  • Our Kickstarter Clone Script supports customization over various modules such as

    • Custom payment gateway modules
    • Flexible revenue model integration support
    • Graphical User Interface and many more.

Why Custom Kickstarter Clone for your Crowdfunding software requirements?

If you aspire to stand out in niche fintech industry with unique proposition value, our p2p lending software gives you the privilage to do so.

We at the ClonesCloud have developed a powerful Crowdfunding platform that allows ‘X’ number of customization as per the requisites of the business and trends.

We always uphold you if you might want to customize Kickstarter Clone in our ready-to- use fundraising software.

Money-making Kickstarter Clone for all key-role players

Fundraising platforms undoubtedly brings money in your pocket. FundForIdea comes encompassed with 1 basic revenue model as mentioned below

  • Commission based revenue model

    With commission based revenue model, you being the owner, the admin of the platform can earn the commission if any project gets successfully funded. Such commission is applied to the project creators.

  • Paid advertisements:

    Paid advertisement is the another contingency from which admin can earn money over his website.

  • Funding amount:

    Funding amount is the core part of any crowdfunding software. If a project is reached its funding goal, then project creator will get funding amount in his/her wallet.

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Why Choose ClonesCloud ?

Inventive Technology
Inventive Technology

We utilize set of inventive technologies to help business seek pace with industry trends and easy up-gradation to new innovations.

Industry Expertise
Industry Expertise

Working on varied industry specific ideas and issues, we have driven best solutions for the enterprises across the globe.

Business Savvy Solutions
Business Savvy Solutions

We don’t write a line of code until we know your business as much as you do.

Industry Best Customer Support
Industry Best Customer Support

We deliver excellent after sales support to our clients. 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

Team of Aces
Team of Aces

Our team of geniuses constantly strives to seek out new ideas and insights that enables them deliver quality solutions to our customers.

Quick Turnaround Time
Quick Turnaround Time

We undertake a seamless business process for every project we undertake that enables us to deliver quick solutions in stipulated time.

Frequently Asked Questions for Kickstarter Clone

Product Guide

Yes, every scripts you purchase from ClonesCloud are developed in open-source and it is scalable and robust to implement every customization as per your requirements.
Yes, the source code will be encrypted limited to single domain usage.
Yes, you can completely claim the ownership of your website.
Yes, we have an amazing team of pros to help you with customization as per your requirements.
  • The Standard version of FundForIdea supports multi-domain license, provided that the domain name is same.
  • For instance, on your purchase for, you get multi-domain support for,,, provided they have same client ownership.
  • In case, you wish to re-use same product over different TLDs such as, you will need to purchase a new license for the same. Please Get in touch with us for more support.

Server Requirements

There are various hosting vendors in the market offering you best server hosting plans to match all your server requirements. However, for seamless functioning of FundForIdea , we recommend you to abide by below basic settings:
  • Linux Server with CentOS or any other compatible operating system
  • MySQL InnoDB Database Engine
  • Mysqli PHP extension
  • Zend Guard Loader with PHP 5.5 support
  • MySQL version 5.5 or above
  • Apache or NGINX Web Server
  • PHP 5.5+ with multibyte string, ZIP archive support
  • PDO sqlite, mysql, mysqli
  • GD2 Library or higher
  • EXIF PHP extension
  • Apache mod_rewrite enabled
  • Enabled PHP5 - curl ssl
  • Enabled Zlib extension
  • Register Globals OFF
  • Enabled PHP functions - fopen, fclose, fwrite
  • Minimum 512MB memory space for smooth operation
No, we do not provide server hosting services for now. However, we shall help you in recommending best web hosting service providers as per your requirements.

Pricing and Payment

We accept payment via Paypal, Credit Cards (VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express), Debit Cards, Online Payments through Net Banking, Bank Wire, MoneyGram and Western Union.
There are no other secondary charges or costs included for one product purchase
Yes, it will be ONE TIME payment only. NO hidden costs are included.
  • We do not provide any direct links for downloading FundForIdea.
  • However, upon purchase of FundForIdea, our support team will get in touch with you to know your preference as to either deploy and configure the script on your server OR send you the link to download the source code of script.
  • We offer complementary deployment services to our clients.
  • NOTE: For cloud servers (i.e. AWS, Google, IBM, etc.) deployment is FREE, whereas server configuration will be chargeable.


Yes, we do provide you with complete technical support and assistance for 3 months.
You can drop us your question at We shall contact you back within 24 hours.
Installation service is complimentary. We can also deliver you the zip files on our CDN for you to download if you want to manually configure the script on your host. ( NOTE : For server we need WHM,Cpanel or FTP for installation)

Legal and Privacy

You can find more info regarding Refund Policy here.
Yes, we do have sign service level agreements and contracts.
No. Any ready-made and custom products you buy from are strictly adhered to commercial use. The script codes are not meant for re-sell or re-distribution. Infringement to which shall make you liable to legal actions.