Big name in travel and accomodation

Acquire big name in Travel and Accommodation with Custom Airbnb Clone script

The global tourism industry touched the $7.6 trillion mark in 2016. Airbnb recently raised $1 billion at a valuation of $31 billion. What do these numbers suggest? The answer is right in front of your eyes – the tourism industry is flourishing. More and more millennials are spending money and taking recreational vacations and amassing new experiences. All of this adds up to say that this is the ideal time to enter the travel and accommodation niche. The question remains,…

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B2B Networking

How to create B2B networking sites that actually make money

The social networking business is definitely one of the most promising industries for any tech entrepreneur. Facebook and Twitter are connecting people in the social world, whereas LinkedIn is connecting people in the professional networks. All seems covered, right? Wrong. There are a plethora of other social networks which are focusing on specific niches, where LinkedIn and Facebook are of no use. For instance, LinkedIn cannot help you hire an attorney, or an architect or an event manager. This is because LinkedIn…

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Online Marketplace

A Beginner’s Guide for Startup to Kick-start an Online Marketplace

Are you wondering how to create an online marketplace? This post highlights the most important steps you must take in order to build a successful online marketplace. What is an Online Marketplace? In an online marketplace, buyers and sellers do transactions through a centralized platform. These kind of markets have two distinct user groups that rely on one another for goods and services. The process of developing such marketplaces is generally tedious and difficult to maintain. The first and the foremost…

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Flippa Clone

Launching Build2Flip – A Flippa Clone – A Marketplace for Buying & Selling Websites, Domains & Apps

Every second a new creative ideas get surfaced in this digital world and that is the reason of huge increase of websites over various domains. Additionally, with heavy competition, some may not be dynamic enough to prove their existence. Some of these site owners might be interested in selling their sites, domains or apps as well, for which they choose to go on websites marketplace, where they can easily list their website and get connected with buyers. Today, Flippa has proved to…

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Why Website Clone is a revolutionary Startup trend in 2017?

With the advancement in technologies, today the world witnesses numerous innovations everyday. Additionally with such innovations, masterminds like startups, entrepreneurs and business organizations, smartly integrates their businesses with latest technologies to offer something great to the human just like integration of AI by Facebook to bring the new way of experiencing world. However, it takes great efforts to bring something new to the industry and lead a successful business model. Besides, it demands huge amount of time, money and resources.…

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Airbnb Clone Script

What the holidaymakers think about Airbnb’s new idea, let’s have a look!

Hey guys we all know Airbnb! It’s a very popular site among the travellers and the Vacation rental companies. Apart from providing their guests with beautiful accommodations, Airbnb has taken a new step to make their guests experience more magical and adventurous. What is Airbnb cooking for travellers? Airbnb has launched Trips to make your trip’s experience adventurous and breathtaking in the real sense. They have divided the service into three categories Experiences, places and Travel easy(yet to launch). It’s…

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Website Clone Development

What every customers ought to know before starting their own website ?

Time flies very fast and so does the technologies disrupts. Every second you explore there is a new technology, software, websites, etc being launched in the market, leaving you awestruck as that thought had just landed in your mind a few seconds back. If it is the case, there is no doubt how informed everyone needs to be today. It is quite essential for every business enterprises to adapt new technologies not only to survive in the market but to…

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Airbnb Clone

A Home Far Away From Home

For travelers, nothing would be more loving than having a home like feeling while traveling in the foreign land. This amazing feeling has been transformed into a real experience by Airbnb. The concept and business model that Airbnb has adopted has revamped the travel and hotel industry. Airbnb has become an online community marketplace that connects people who are looking to rent their homes with people looking for their accommodation. This has uplifted many entrepreneurs and business persons to enter…

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