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ClonesCloud Unveils ClasifyAds – A Spell-bounding Classified Ads Software

Advertisements play a vital role to build a unique identity of any business. Subsequently, every business person has to buy some media space either on traditional platforms such as newspapers, television, radio etc. or digital platforms such as classifieds websites like Craigslist, Gumtree, Quikr, OLX and many more. However, traditional advertising platforms have some drawbacks over the digital advertising platforms as it is a time consuming and costlier than the other one. Moreover, it is very easier to place Classified…

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ClonesCloud Announces Flat 50% Off On This Black Friday For All Its Products and Scripts!

Black Friday has finally arrived! It is the time to get the Best Deals for your Startup Business! If you are looking to start an online business similar to the popular website brands, we have a good news for your! We are happy to announce FLAT 50% OFF on all our ready-made Website Clone products and scripts.   We are here to give wings to your innovative ideas with our best Black Friday deals. Our Website Clone scripts will allow…

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ClonesCloud Launches DealzGo – A Groupon Clone to Manage your Daily Deals Effectively

ClonesCloud introduces DealzGo – a Groupon Clone script, a daily deals software that has distinctive lineaments similar to that of Groupon. After the success of our different website clones, we decided to enter the eCommerce scripts market, with a goal to meet the growing demand for businesses to start a website similar to Groupon. Groupon is a daily deals website for consumers broadcasting an electronic coupon for various services while offering huge discounts on such offers. From beauty and spas to groceries, there…

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Understanding Internet of Things and its Impact on Businesses in the Modern Era

The Internet of Things or IoT is an environment of connected physical objects with an ability to transfer data via the internet. With a unique identity being assigned to everything, a diverse range of devices and things can communicate and interact with the external environment. IoT enables internet connectivity beyond traditional devices like laptops, desktops, and smartphones. Kitchen appliances, headphones, air conditioners, washing machines, cars, wearable devices, light bulbs and almost anything else you can think of can be connected…

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Freelancer Clone – Your Simplest Way To Start A Freelance Marketplace Website

Gig economy is developing at an ultra sonic pace. Every day more and more number of people are becoming self sufficient. So, there a huge demand for freelancer website in the professional market. The freelancing market is continuously witnessing a huge rise in the number of freelancers as every one dreams to be their own boss. People today have understood the perks of working independently by counting on their skills, talent and potential. Now, to be a bridge between these parties can be a…

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The Complete Guide for Beginners To Kickstart a Crowdfunding Platform

Crowdfunding platform involves pooling various small amount of investments from a large number of people via the internet. This business platform is very popular for supporting new entrepreneurs wishing to start their business in any vertical without facing any financial crises. As of July 2017, Kickstarter, a leading global crowdfunding platform consisted of 12.4 million users, with pledges of $2.865 billion and over 100,000 projects funded to date, since its launch. If you want to start a crowdfunding platform, you…

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Acquire big name in Travel and Accommodation with Custom Airbnb Clone script

The global tourism industry touched the $7.6 trillion mark in 2016. Airbnb recently raised $1 billion at a valuation of $31 billion. What do these numbers suggest? The answer is right in front of your eyes – the tourism industry is flourishing. More and more millennials are spending money and taking recreational vacations and amassing new experiences. All of this adds up to say that this is the ideal time to enter the travel and accommodation niche. The question remains,…

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How to create B2B networking sites that actually make money

The social networking business is definitely one of the most promising industries for any tech entrepreneur. Facebook and Twitter are connecting people in the social world, whereas LinkedIn is connecting people in the professional networks. All seems covered, right? Wrong. There are a plethora of other social networks which are focusing on specific niches, where LinkedIn and Facebook are of no use. For instance, LinkedIn cannot help you hire an attorney, or an architect or an event manager. This is because LinkedIn…

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Beginner's Guide - Online Marketplace

A Beginner’s Guide for Startup to Kick-start an Online Marketplace

Are you wondering how to create an online marketplace? This post highlights the most important steps you must take in order to build a successful online marketplace. What is an Online Marketplace? In an online marketplace, buyers and sellers do transactions through a centralized platform. These kind of markets have two distinct user groups that rely on one another for goods and services. The process of developing such marketplaces is generally tedious and difficult to maintain. The first and the foremost…

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Build2Flip User Demo

Launching Build2Flip – A Flippa Clone – A Marketplace for Buying & Selling Websites, Domains & Apps

Every second a new creative ideas get surfaced in this digital world and that is the reason of huge increase of websites over various domains. Additionally, with heavy competition, some may not be dynamic enough to prove their existence. Some of these site owners might be interested in selling their sites, domains or apps as well, for which they choose to go on websites marketplace, where they can easily list their website and get connected with buyers. Today, Flippa has proved to…

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