Powerful Audio Sharing script for your music business

To endeavour startups and music companies, we at ClonesCloud have built a power-packed Audio Sharing script - Soundeed that lets you jump-start with your idea for audio sharing website similar to SoundCloud.

This innovative music portal script comes loaded with high-tech features for the for the users and for the owner of the website as well.

One of the highlighing features of our SoundCloud Clone script is that it utilizes Soundmanager2 Player for playing the music tracks, which offers seamless audio playback support across all browsers and media types.

Startup Trends

Startup trends for audio streaming industry
like SoundCloud, Pandora, Deezer

Music and Entertainment industry is taking new shapes as the new technologies are emerging everyday.

The industry experiences increasing demand for new online music platforms as the trend of people for music is also changing.

Today every 6 users out of 10 users might be listening music during their commutes, in workplace, home or in their leisure times and such trend is for live streaming of music over web or through a mobile app.

This upcoming trend has brought hopes for startups and enterprises to kick-start their own audio streaming, sharing and downloading software like SoundCloud,Deezer,, iTunes, Slacker and many others.

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How to earn revenue using
Audio Streaming websites?

Our audio streaming script lets you implement membership plan based model, where you can earn membership fees from users when he/she gets subscribed to avail the benefits of it.

You can also integrate the paid advertisements with this script through Google Adwords to generate revenue.

Additionally, this script lets the users earn revenue from the selling of paid tracks which means if any buyer wants to purchase the track then he/she needs to pay price for the same.

Get the ball rolling with ready-to-launch
Audio Streaming software

With quick development solution, we at ClonesCloud have built a ready-to-launch music platform named Soundeed which is a SoundCloud Clone Script.

This audio streaming software lets you serve best sound sharing and streaming solutions to your customers like exploring and managing tracks, advanced search filters and sorting options, search and create albums etc.

All you need is to get started with Soundeed that lets you get the ball rolling for your audio sharing software.

Custom Support with Audio Sharing Script

Fabricated in our peculiar and secure framework, this music portal script is coded with open source technologies like PHP and MYSQL that makes script supremely flexible, scalable and robust making customization possible.

This audio sharing script serves you with easy customization services to offer you with tailor-made development.

Multipurpose Audio Sharing software to several business verticals

If you are into a music streaming and sharing business vertical, Soundeed is perfect to get started with.

However, if you want to serve other online music verticals as given below, we help you customize this audio sharing script accordingly:
  • Music streaming
  • Online music portal
  • Radio service
  • Desktop and social music service
  • Mobile music service and music uploader etc.

What support you will get with Audio Sharing Script?

Our audio streaming script gives you powerful music and streaming solutions besides offering you tenacious feature-rich platform.

The add-on benefit, you get with us includes:
  • Multi-domain license
  • SEO friendly script
  • Responsive design
  • Complimentary deployment
  • FREE maintenance support

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